Will they call me "Ceeragooza"???

So, finally I'm leaving! Destination U.S.A. for a three-weeks-holiday! I know you probably hate me for this reason, but I expected this moment for so long. For years my cousins asked me to go to the States. Now the time has come. I'm only taking the opportunity, don't be angry, please!
My holiday includes different stages. The first will be Madrid, Spain...for this reason I wanna thank Iberia for letting us enough time to visit the city or, at least, the most important parts of the city.
The second will be New York, where I think I'm gonna spend the most of my time...hope to visit whole the city, buy a lot of stupid things, drink something nauseating and eat all those disgusting things we can see on the tv.
The third will be Las Vegas and the Canyons, maybe the Death Valley too...I said everything.
All the other stages...such as cities, mountains, lakes, deserts or falls, they will be very welcome.
This is the last post I'm writing while in Turin, but don't worry! If I will have a chance you'll find some news just right here in this blog.

Probably you know this song...


I'll pay 5$ to the first who guess.

Bye guys! See ya!!!

P.S: Scusate il post in inglese...ho la testa altrove :D


alan said...

inno americano
din din din din din din

Beppazzo said...

fuck off! you won! wait 3 weeks and you'll be served!

alan said...

din din din
bon voyage bon tutto!