Hello there!

Hi guys! How are you? I'm just writing from Seaford, NY. It's a beautiful place. Yesterday we went out for a ride with my cousins' boat. We experienced the low tide, so we had to get off the boat and pull it with a rope to a higher place. It was funny!
Today we went to Manhattan...how big it is! I couldn't believe in what I was seeing! It's an enormous place with a lot of buildings and skyscrapers...there's a lot of people and an incredible traffic. We walked through 5th Avenue, which is the most important street of New York...in the morning we went up to the top of the Empire State Building...no words to say, you could see all the city. It seems to be in G.T.A.! Tonight we've been in Times Square too, how many lights!...Take a look at these pictures...later on I'm gonna show you the others.
Outside there's a thunderstorm now, so we decided to stay at home.


alan said...

enjoy your trip, beppatzo!
see you soon

Il Gillo said...

ai beppe! au are iu? aim eppi iu ar engioin iour olideis! uen iu cam bec ui can plei bengh a lot! so, ai si iu end iour cousin ar laic ciu spits!
iour inglisc is veri gud, bat ai still prefer mai uei, de "spic as iu it" uei!
si iu sun.
mei god tacsi draiver!

Anonymous said...

Go Beppazzo, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But remember: never forget your native countries:

Ciuri ciuri ciurì di tuttu l'annu
l'amuri ca mi dasti ti lu tornu...

Happy holiday