Do not install Chrome Remote Desktop on your Ubuntu

It's still buggy and creates a lot of issues. It makes the system unstable, consumes pretty much all the memory of your computer and makes it unusable.

Other than that, after the installation of the chrome-remote-desktop package, another program deja-dup, which is meant for backup purposes, will start working bad. I don't know if it was previously installed on my system or it came with the chrome-remote-desktop but, after I removed the Google package, deja-dup started behaving like crazy, starting up at every boot and consuming 100% of RAM.

Suggestions for your command line:
sudo apt-get purge chrome-remote-desktop
sudo killall deja-dup-monitor
sudo apt-get purge deja-dup
Just to make sure run
sudo apt-get update
before rebooting and you'll be fine.

Google guys, you need to work a lot on that...

HowTo restore "BackSpace" in Nautilus Ubuntu

Some of you are used to navigate the folders using "BackSpace" to go up one level. Well, in the latest versions of Ubuntu that functionality has been replaced by the combination "Alt + Arrow Up".
There's a way though to restore the old "BackSpace" to what your habits are. And it's pretty simple.

Open the terminal ("CTRL + ALT + T") and type

sudo gedit .config/nautilus/accels

Scroll to the end of the file and add the following line

(gtk_accel_path "/ShellActions/Up" "BackSpace") 

Unlike the other lines, this one doesn't need any ";" character

Then save the file and reboot the system. 
You're all set!