Do not install Chrome Remote Desktop on your Ubuntu

It's still buggy and creates a lot of issues. It makes the system unstable, consumes pretty much all the memory of your computer and makes it unusable.

Other than that, after the installation of the chrome-remote-desktop package, another program deja-dup, which is meant for backup purposes, will start working bad. I don't know if it was previously installed on my system or it came with the chrome-remote-desktop but, after I removed the Google package, deja-dup started behaving like crazy, starting up at every boot and consuming 100% of RAM.

Suggestions for your command line:
sudo apt-get purge chrome-remote-desktop
sudo killall deja-dup-monitor
sudo apt-get purge deja-dup
Just to make sure run
sudo apt-get update
before rebooting and you'll be fine.

Google guys, you need to work a lot on that...


törzsmókus said...

why not just purge deja-dup and leave chrome remote desktop alone? :)

Dimitri Guerroue said...

Thank you very much !

Panos B said...

OR install it and enjoy it after some easy tweaking as described in the first solution... (Works for Unity too.)